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EDU’s First show Night!

Shunyata Msc, a Charming musician from Spain will be performing at Taiwan Youth Hostel on this Friday,
June 22nd, 9PM -11PM.


Don’t miss it! Only at Taiwan Youth Hostel!

He has been learning music for 10 years, knows many instruments, with classical guitar being his main instrument.
During his childhood, he was influenced by different and various music styles, such as classical music, rock and roll, folk music, flamenco and bossa nova.
When he was a teenager he led the Spanish band Cereal Killer for 7 years and recorded an album. Through his experience, he gained confidence to try out new styles.

Currently, he started his own personal project named Shunyata Memories, with a goal to gather different music elements all over the world from flamenco to various Asian music. He has also performed in many countries, such as Spain, Greece, England, Norway, Germany, Slovakia, China……etc. During his journey, he developed an unique way of performing his songs, mixing sound elements from all around the world.

Until last year when he fell in love with Taiwan and decided to develop his musical project here. He believed that music is the way to communicate feelings when words aren’t enough, he wishes to get to know Taiwan better and share his music with the locals and get inspirations from their incredible culture.

Start Time


Friday, June 22, 2018

Finish Time


Friday, June 22, 2018

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