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Vegetarian night

Hello there, we are Mikkel and Laura, or YogisOnTour, a travelling couple from Denmark and Germany/Italy, who have been visiting 20 countries in Asia this year.

Mikkel is a passionate chef and Laura grew up in an Italian family. Food is a major part in our lives and we love food! We will try to experience the food culture in each country with all their delicious dishes, and we are now excited to introduce you our traditional dishes from our home countries. 🙂

★ What can you expect from our cooking class?
– Improving your cooking skills by learning from a travelling chef with 8 years of working experience all over the world (e.g. Denmark, Australia, Caribbean and so on).
– Experiencing new tastes from Europe and extend your recipe book by some pages.
– Meeting new friends from all over the world and have a great time together.

★Menu for the Vegetarian night
Are you ready for delicious food that doesn’t harm our animal friends? Join us this Wednesday for learning how to cook 2 dishes and one drink.

【Stuffed Zucchini】
So you know how to cook Zucchini? But can you use zucchini TO cook other ingredients? On Wednesday, we’ll learn how to use the zucchini’s shape to create an “eatable-container”!
【Homemade Béarnaise】
A French sauce created by the chef Collinet, the Béarnaise will be a perfect companion for the stuffed zucchini!
【Green smoothie】
Who said a smoothie have to be made with fruits? Vegetables smoothies are delicious, but also a super healthy drink for our bodies!

★What does the class include:
– Delicious food
– Freshly grounded coffee, tea and crackers
– Bilingual lesson (English and Mandarin)
– European/Asian culture exchange
– Fun with other people (10 max)
– Learning to cook and the recipes!

★Price – TW$250/per person and pay after arrival
Please make a reservation by calling 02-2361-300 or by clicking , to make sure you have a spot, since the class gets fully booked really fast!

Start Time


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Finish Time


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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